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Michel Cloward has always had a passion for helping people succeed. Michel served on the Board of the Greensboro Jaycees as Vice President of Individual Development where she created a monthly series dedicated to providing entrepreneurship training for the community. A year abroad and earning her B.S. in Information Systems and Operations Management from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Michel was concerned about the change needed in business practices and wanted to be part of the solution. She combined her education and passion for sustainability and created Sustainable IT Solutions to encourage the use of green IT, cloud computing, and business sustainability. Helping small businesses implement sustainable practices Michel accepted a position in Information Systems and later moved into a position in Information Security. She worked at a Cyber Security consulting firm helping small to medium-sized businesses.

Today at Sunshine Realty, Michel Cloward brings her unique background and passion for helping others to find their next home, investment, or opportunity.

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